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Burundi , Saturday 17 February 2018

News Burundi » Bururi: Burundians forced to sign up to vote in referendum, opposition says

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

ALSO READ: Put names squad for Burundi tie, retains a number of players Deputy chairman ... since they will qualify to vote in the 2020 elections. A memo displayed at the Bururi Secondary School in the south of the country said: “Whatever service you ...

News Burundi » Bururi: Bururi, Burundi 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: Sunday 04 February 2018

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Publication date: Sunday 07 May 1972

According to refugees fleeing to neighboring Tanzania and eastern Zaire — formerly the Congo — heavy fighting was still going on this weekend in Burundi's southern province of Bururi. The Burundi Govern ment radio, the so‐called Voice of the ...

News Burundi » Bururi: New technology lights up Burundi

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Publication date: Sunday 15 June 2014

Only around three percent of its people have access to electricity, but new technology is helping to light up more homes. Al Jazeera's Haru Mutasa reports from Bururi, Burundi.

News Burundi » Bururi: Burundi doesn’t need another crisis — what does it need?

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Publication date: hursday 11 June 2015

But following the murder of an opposition leader, unrest spread outside of Bujumbura, with one death reported in Bururi province. As UN High Commissioner for Refugees Guterres said, Burundi does not need another crisis. Not only that; the people of Burundi ...

News Burundi » Bururi: Burundi: Two Corpses Discovered in Bururi Province

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Publication date: uesday 14 March 2017

Local sources say two bodies of a child and man were found in the morning of 13 March in the Siguvyaye River, near Gisanze area, in Bururi commune of the Southern province of Bururi. After recovering the two bodies from the Siguvyaye River, the body of the ...

News Burundi » Bururi: Language barrier within EAC "major challenge" for Burundi researchers

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Publication date: onday 06 June 2016

ISABU has also partnered with Kenya and Uganda in a cross-breeding project that has seen different breeds of animals reared in the southern Burundi town of Bururi. Enditem BUJUMBURA, June 6 (Xinhua) -- Language barrier within the East African Community ...

News Burundi » Bururi: Burundi frog, once feared extinct, rediscovered

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Publication date: Sunday 01 April 2012

He found it living almost 5,000 feet high in a forest named Bururi at a time when Burundi was virtually ruled by Belgium. It has been known ever since as the Bururi long-fingered frog. And it was never seen again - until now. David Blackburn, recently ...